Ekoarkitekt Alberto Riveros skapar komfort med alternativ energi

Vi hälsar Alberto Riveros välkommen till Intressegrupp Passivhus!

"I'm an Italian-Argentine bioarchitect and I live in Stockholm.

For years I have been dedicated to designing well-being through the renovation of villas, apartments and commercial premises. I specialized in designing with alternative energy; solar, photovoltaic, micro wind, geothermal, hybrid systems.

I pay particular attention to the choice of materials. The construction industry is one of the most polluting, so I try to help customers in the right choice even if it is sometimes very difficult.

In Italy I made energy certifications, calculating performance indices for winter air conditioning and hold, the production of domestic hot water, ventilation, lighting for buildings with and without centralized system. Identification of thermal bridges, shields.

All this to create energy improvement interventions, insulation of opaque elements, change of windows, changes to the summer or winter air conditioning system, renewable sources and lighting relamping. The standards with which I followed the calculation of transmittances are UNI EN ISO 10211: 2008, 6946, 14683.

I believe in the Passivhus system and in the Nzeb and in this the European directives are making enormous steps.

I hope as a member of IG Passivhus to find a space where to share my passions and learn about your path, with respect for the environment, putting all my responsibilities as an architect at the service of sustainable architecture."

Arch. Jorge Alberto Riveros

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