Become a member

Anyone who wants to actively promote energy efficiency in Sweden by using passive house technology can become a member of IG PH Sweden. Become a member by emailing info(@) Enter your company name, organisation number, your name, email address and number of employees.

Benefits for members of IG PH Sweden

  • Discount on CEPH training, study trips and other passive house activities.
  • Information on new materials, certifications, etc.
  • Access to information in member pages.
  • Access to all Passive House pages.
  • Become a member of iPHA (International Passive House Association) with all their offers.

As a member of IG PH Sweden you commit to

  • To use the term passive house during planning and marketing only for buildings that fulfil the passive house requirements according to the international passive house definition.
  • To educate and inform themselves further about passive house development.
  • To inform clients and developers about the benefits of energy-efficient solutions such as passive houses.
  • To quality assure their passive houses and passive house components.

Membership fees

Number of people in the companyAnnual fee* [SEK]The annual fee includes a service fee* of
1-3 (also private individuals)20001333

* The annual fee includes the membership fee and the service fee. The membership fee is not subject to VAT. The service fee is subject to VAT and is deductible.

A registration fee will be added as follows:

50% of the annual fee.
25% of the annual fee for companies with certified passive house experts or certified passive house components.
0% for students.

Cancellation of membership

Termination must be made in writing no later than 30 September of the current year, otherwise it is automatically extended by one year.