“i2” – prisade passivhusfönster och glasfasader

Vi hälsar företaget "i2" SIA välkomna som medlem i Intressegrupp Passivhus.

"With extensive international experience and innovative products and services portfolio – SmartWin and Raico, we are able to find solutions to the various expectations of our customers. Our team of professionals with specific knowledge, skills and know how, together with regular trainings in Germany and Austria - enable us to produce A + energy class windows and facade systems and to be proud of its achievements:

- Latvian energy efficient building in 2013 (1st Place) - Dundaga Dwelling house  - http://i2.lv/admin/data/img/uploads/files/katalogs_EN_v2-Vecmajas.pdf

- Latvian energy efficient building in 2013 (3rd Place) - Ventspils rehabilitation Centre http://i2.lv/admin/data/img/uploads/files/katalogs_EN_v2-Ventspils.rehabilitation.centre%282%29.pdf

- Most Nothern Passivhaus in the world - Umea Hedlunda förskola – including sun shading and decorative window box

- 1st Certified Passive Haus Latvia - http://i2.lv/admin/data/img/uploads/files/katalogs_EN_v2-Bergmana.street.pdf"

Företagets webbplats: www.i2.lv (på lettiska)